Brainerd-Crosby Yoga Studio


We offer a wide variety of yoga classes for all levels of experience. Seasoned yogi or newbie… we can help further your practice.

Massage Therapy - Crosby, MN

Massage Therapy

Whether it’s self-care or purely therapeutic, our massage services will help you achieve a greater sense of wellness…

Heated Yoga

This activity adds some heat to your yoga class, generally 85 – 90 helps you perspire concentrating on breathing and flowing motion.






These brief 30-minute sessions focus on your breathing, help move “stuck” energy, and present you with a whole new sense of vitality.

Infrared Sauna Braienrd, MN

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Infrared light penetrates human tissue producing anti-aging health benefits.

Yoga Therapy

These services help provide instruction in yogic practices and teachings in order to alleviate pain and suffering.

TRX Strength and Stretch on Thursdays at 5-6
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Your Uplifted Wellness Team

At  Uplifted Wellness Studio we are called to provide a space of grace that is
welcoming, inspiring and joyful for the art of connecting mind, body and
spirit with the goal of maximum wellness for our clients.

Jill and the rest of the Uplifted team are dedicated to supporting your wellness journey.


New time for our Beginner's Plus yoga on Mondays.  Starting Monday, Sept. 14 we will be holding the class at 5:00 with Renee Johnson as our instructor.  She will lead you in a beginner level/gentle flow yoga class.  This class is great for anyone!!!

TRX workout is in full swing on Thursdays at 5:00!! Now that our summer is over, it's time to get inside and get some strength and stamina built up in this class. 
It has something for everyone and, as in yoga, you listen to your body as you engage in the wonderful exercises led by Renee. 

TRX is the perfect workout for anyone!  Total Resistance uses your bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.
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