Simon – our yogi dog

Meet Simon, our resident yogi dog!

He came to Jill in Covid November of 2020 and LOVES to show off his skills with his down dog pose, upward facing dog…you get the idea. He is a 9-year old Yorkie who loves to greet you at the door and is still full of energy.

He may be a bit shy…or he may come around and check you out. Sometimes yogis can be moody, this is why our yoga practice is different every time we do our practice.

He, too, needs to listen to his body and mind and find centering on HIS mat to make his day better than it was before he entered the studio.

This is his hope for all who enter Uplifted Wellness Studio: that by attending a class or massage session or an infrared session, you will leave the studio with a better sense of wellbeing.

He’s been a great addition to the studio and likes his funky purple mat with his cushy doggy pad. Treats always accepted and he LOVES apples and carrots!!!