The Uplifted Wellness Studio of Crosby, MN

Uplifted Wellness Studio exists to provide a welcoming environment that encourages health and wellness. In doing so, we offer a wide variety of classes and services to meet your needs.

The costs for our classes and services vary – check our pricing page to view a list of current rates. If you have a suggestion for a class or have experience teaching, please let Jill know!

Most of our instructors offer off-site services and private sessions. Please contact each one directly for more information.

Despite the various benefits that our classes and services offer, they are not meant as a replacement for regular medical care.

Let your doctor know what you’re doing at Uplifted Wellness and be sure to follow any standard treatment plans you have.

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We are truly interested and enthusiastic about YOUR improved health and wellness at Uplifted Wellness Studio. We sincerely relish this world combining exercise, spirituality, meditation, and well-being.

This studio provides a Christ-centered experience for your practice, but non-Christians are welcomed to join in the wellness.

Being mindful of who we are and how we are in this world, and covering it all in love, is a goal of this studio.

To provide an opportunity and environment challenging enough for the moderately experienced or newer yogi while providing modifications for each level.

Strengthening and breathing are huge benefits of yoking together your mind, body and spirit.

You simply need to spend the time and energy focusing on the total betterment of YOU!

We can help you along your journey to better health, inner peace, more vitality, and an enhanced sense of happiness!

Get started now by checking out our calendar to find a class that fits your schedule!