Pronounced: “Chee Gong”

This practice is about moving your stuck energy through breath work, gentle moving and mindfulness of the healing power our bodies have been given.

“Physician, heal thyself!” Socrates.

The meaning of Qi to say that it is the universal energy that makes up and flows through everything in the universe.



In our bodies, “qi” means vitality or life force. Gong means to practice, cultivate or refine, leading to mastery.

Qigong means to cultivate or refine one’s vitality or life force through practice.

In our everyday lives we tend to get stuck as a result of not moving physically due to our routine of life; or we may have some emotional or spiritual issues that have bogged us down.

Through our awareness of these issues we breathe in healing and send the dis”ease” out to the end of the universe or to the foot of the cross.

This practice is super beneficial for your well-being and compliments other practices that you may be involved in for your journey.

Qigong Fees

Drop In Fees (30 minute class)

  • Drop in $5

Please Note: Private sessions are available upon request for scheduling in Yoga and Qigong.  Fee will vary based on arrangements agreed upon.