Yoga Instructor & Infrared Sauna Owner

In Gina’s Own Words:

“When considering what I wanted to pursue as a career; helping and healing have always risen to the forefront. I’ve had many jobs in an array of service fields, and I’ve come to find great peace and happiness developing Compass Health, LLC, as well as, becoming a Yoga Instructor and Wellness Companion. I am a wife to a wonderful husband and mother of two young boys.

I cherish each moment we share and I find joy in Homeschooling them. I have been enjoying Yoga for 10 years and that interest turned into a great purpose for my passion in guiding otherwise toward greater wellness. I, myself, have not always had the best health. I have had Lyme Disease for nearly 9 years and multiple syndromes and disorders to boot.

That health journey has taught me a lot about self-care, mindfulness, and the magnificence of Yoga.

All in which can enrich our lives with daily practice and conscientious effort. The best part of my health journey is that I’ve survived something incredibly difficult, yet gained a great deal of knowledge about myself, life, love, and spirituality.

Now I get the pleasure of joining others along their journey, guiding them toward better self-care regimens: diet & nutrition, physical activity, essential oil use, Infrared Sauna Therapy, sharing mindful habits with others, and inviting everyone to experience Yoga for the vast benefits it offers.

There are many ways we can take care of ourselves and create a path to positive life changes. Visit our studio and discover how we can guide you toward greater wellness, so that you may be Uplifted.”

Contact Gina for Infrared Sauna, Private Yoga, and other services at: 218-866-0939 or email her at: