Brainerd-Crosby Yoga Studio


At the Uplifted Wellness Studio we offer a wide variety of classes for all levels of experience.

Become a member or just drop in at one of our many classes and get healthy!

Revelation Wellness

Revelation Wellness or “Rev-Well” is an hour-long class designed to get your heart rate going and your body moving. We use drumsticks , weights, bands and…


Qigong is about moving your stuck energy through breath work, gentle moving and mindfulness of the healing power our bodies have been given.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy provides instruction in yogic practices and teachings to alleviate pain and suffering. The goal is to uncover the root causes and finding healing in the yoga practice.

Your Uplifted Wellness Team

At  Uplifted Wellness Studio we are called to provide a space of grace that is
welcoming, inspiring and joyful for the art of connecting mind, body and
spirit with the goal of maximum wellness for our clients.


Uplifted Wellness - Owner & Instructor
Jill Mattson - Head Instructor

Jill Mattson is owner and an instructor and has taught aerobic classes throughout the years. Jill is a nationally certified massage therapist for over 16 years.


Uplifted Wellness - Instructor
Gina Odle - Yoga Instructor

Gina Odle has been involved with yoga and body wellness for many years. She is a yoga instructor at the Uplifted Wellness Studio in Crosby, MN. Gina owns & operates the Infrared Sauna on-site.